A report without sources is just a story.

Use in8Cite to create reports with cited, integrated sources for consistent, compelling and cost-effect results.

Better Reports = Better Results

The digital age has revolutionized research, investigations and data analysis, transforming the way we discover and document information sources. Despite these advancements, the tools for creating reports based on these sources have remained largely unchanged since the introduction of word processors four decades ago – until now.

in8Cite is an innovative solution that modernizes cited report writing. in8Cite delivers integrated citation-based report writing capabilities enhanced with AI features that improve efficiency and knowledge transfer.

in8Cite helps writers organize, report and share findings, recommendations and supporting documentation. in8Cite also produces a Linked PDF Report – a single pdf file containing the report, hyperlinked citations and supporting documents that can be easily shared with others.

Efficiency = Value

in8Cite was created by former federal special agents to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of criminal investigations. in8Cite can assist any organization create faster and better reports with existing resources. in8Cite’s capabilities deliver cost savings and a fast return on investment (ROI):

•  Efficiently enhance existing workflows.
•  Faster and better reports with existing resources.
•  Standardized, uniform and effective report writing.
•  AI tools to analyze sources and improve writing.
•  Reduce rework and improve knowledge transfer.
•  Create documented, defendable reports.
•  Easily share reports and supporting documentation.


Forensic accountants, investigators, auditors, law enforcement, attorneys, researchers, analysts and more.


Import and manage evidence digitally, and produce dynamic citations that keep pace with case development


Automatically generate a final, hyper-linked cited report with all of your supporting documents


Quickly import evidence using our intuitive import wizard. Analyze and manage evidence within our application. Easily view evidence files in our Document Viewer. Unique evidence identification numbers are applied to all imported evidence.


Create in-line citations that dynamically link to evidence.  Link to individual words, sentences, objects and areas, not just page numbers and paragraphs.  


Facts and their supporting evidence can be exported to a linked investigation report. The report includes the fact text, and references to evidence items by their unique identifiers.


Use AI tools to rewrite text and summarize supporting documents for a more efficient and readable report. 


Create multiple reports. Export your report to PDF. Move and dock panels and multiple monitor functionality. Deconflict in real-time with advanced integrations.

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